Silicone_Animism the generous birth of ::::..Mother Digital..:::: Enter an interactive installation where the cybersoul contracts in the interuterus …::::… This features a group of young artists and musicians in their childbearing age playing pregnant live designing their future selves. In an atmosphere of generative sound through algorithmic composition and code we pierce the membrane, a capitalist lobotomy. Where the children will give birth to their Mother Digital and watch anima grow in VR as the human mind and digital fuse like silicon and oxygen. _The human mind and the digital are almost touching yet completely entwined, they are partners. The human unconscious dreams of the computer to understand us. Hopeful yet concerned of the future in the networked space, it’s hard to see what’s ahead. Do we all live with our eyes shut?

  • Artist: Keiken Collective
  • Exhibiting: Untitled