Mandy Hreus

Lumanota – ‘Lightmusic’ is a synesthetic installation exploring the visible and invisible electromagnetic spectrum through light, sound and heart rate variability frequencies.

The installation uses heart rate variability measurements and translates them into colour and sound. Lumanota invites the visitor to enter into an etheric and subtle experience – A walk through transparent layers of sound, light and colour. An interplay of natural light and artificial light is illuminating the space through multiple facets of reflective and non-reflective fabric. ‘Inner’ and ‘outer’ worlds merge – frequencies flow through multiple senses into a seamless experience of the  ‘here and now’. Lumanota invites the viewer to become part of the art experience itself. 

This installation was made in collaboration with the Aquaquinta system developed by Rasmus Gaupp-Berghausen, Austria.

  • Artist: Mandy Hreus
  • Exhibiting: Lightmusic