Pablo Castañeda Santana

Pablo Castañeda Santana’s practice explores the intersections occurring between painting and the digital media, challenging the prevailing notions around the materiality of pictures. This awareness is expressed through the painterly interpretation of imagery appropriated from the web within the extremely flat surfaces of acrylic paint sheets that lack the traditional relief of conventional painting. His artwork are usually placed folded and contorted, highlighting their physicality in contrast to the volatile condition of their light-based digital models. The imagery represented in his paintings is created by combining edited fragments of pictures appropriated exclusively from the digital environment, encompassing an enormous range of visual references, such as videogames, documentaries, Facebook profiles, maps, advertisements, digital newspapers, Art History, etc. Santana’s series of work aims to highlight both the illusory representation of the painting as an image and the physical presentation of the paint as an object. It means to combine the painted imagery and visual strategies employed to evoke the digital environment with a new approach to the fine art materials that emerge as a response to the codified light based pictures.


  • Artist: Pablo Castañeda Santana
  • Exhibiting: Various