Clinic returns 2017

Sep 20-24

As part of The London Design Festival, and in partnership with The Oxo Tower, London, Vitamin presents the second installment of our annual exhibition-event, Clinic //2!

Presenting immersive artworks, sculptures, experiences, and installations, Clinic //2 explores the diminishing digital interface layer and technology’s effect on our reality. Digital emulation continually strives to become indecipherable from real-world existence. Where does your reality stop and simulation begin?

Inside, Clinic has prepared a multisensory exploration into the aforementioned themes. THE INFRASTRUCTURE will be running throughout the duration of the exhibition, housing 8 different artists and their installations within – Immerse yourself in the inextricable metaphysical harmony between digital and physical.

 Late Night Tickets

Wed 20th 5-11pm

Fri 22nd 5-10pm

We’ll be holding two special late-night openings, emphasising the exhibition experience with prolific underground DJs soundtracking each evening, as well as providing complimetary refreshments throughout. 

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Free Exhibition

Opening times below

In partnership with London Design Festival and Oxo Tower, Vitamin London brings back it’s second installment of Clinic. General admission is free of charge.


Sep / 20-24 / 2017

12pm – 11pm: Wed.
12pm – 6pm: Thurs.
12pm – 10pm: Fri.
12pm – 6pm: Sat.
12pm – 6pm: Sun.


Oxo Tower

Bargehouse Street
South Bank